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Keep "Your Why" Close

Find your why as an entrepreneur

Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey is like setting sail into uncharted waters. It's thrilling, filled with opportunities, and equally challenging. As an entrepreneur, you face constant hurdles, uncertainties, and moments of doubt. During these times, it's easy to lose sight of your initial drive and enthusiasm. Keeping a clear vision of "your why" can help you to stay motivated and resilient, even on the dampest of business days.

What Is "Your Why"?

"Your why" is the core reason that propels you to become an entrepreneur and start your own business. It's the underlying purpose, passion, or mission that fuels your actions and ambitions. This intrinsic motivation goes beyond monetary gains; it's about a higher purpose or a deep-rooted desire to make a meaningful impact, be it a massive change in the world or a lifestyle change for those around you.

Keeping It Front Of Mind Can Boost Your Everyday

  1. Sustained Motivation: Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster ride with highs and lows. Your why serves as your compass, helping you stay motivated during tough times. When challenges arise, reconnecting with your purpose reminds you of your commitment and passion.

  2. Guidance in Decision-Making: Your why acts as a filter for decision-making. It helps you make choices aligned with your values and long-term goals. By remembering your why, you avoid distractions and stay focused on what truly matters.

  3. Inspires Others: Your why isn't just personal; it can inspire others to join your journey. When you share your passion and purpose, you attract like-minded individuals who share your vision, creating a stronger and more motivated team.

  4. Resilience: Entrepreneurship is filled with setbacks. Your why gives you the strength to bounce back from failures and setbacks. It reminds you that the journey may be tough, but it's worth it.

“There are two ways to build a career or a business. We can go through life hunting and pecking, looking for opportunities or customers, hoping that something connects. Or we can go through life with intention, knowing what our piece looks like, knowing our WHY, and going straight to the places we fit.”

Simon Sinek, Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team

But First, You Have To Find It

Discovering your why can be a transformative process. Here are some steps to help you identify and define your why:

  1. Reflect on Your Passions: Consider what activities make you lose track of time. What brings you joy and fulfillment? Your why often lies in your passions.

  2. Identify Your Values: List your core values – the principles that guide your life. Your why should align with these values.

  3. Consider Your Impact: Think about the change you want to see in the world. How do you want to make a difference? Your why may be rooted in a desire to solve a specific problem or create positive change.

  4. Connect with Your Past: Reflect on pivotal moments in your life. What experiences have shaped you? Sometimes, your why is hidden in your personal history.

  5. Ask Others: Reach out to friends, family, and mentors. They might provide valuable insights into your strengths and passions that you might not have recognised.


At Bite Marketing, we are encouragers of action! Pause here for 10 minutes and, using the points above, take the time to start defining your why.

We'll go first. Our Founder and CEO, Danielle Slater describes her why for Bite Marketing as...

"A desire to demonstrate that authentic, emotional connections can still drive business results and genuine relationships between brand and human.
I wanted to mentor young marketers into this way of work, build a team of like-minded people, and maintain a client base of entrepreneurs who not only appreciated this approach, but wouldn't settle for anything less.
To continue to be curious and learn, and to pass on those learnings to others and in turn transform the marketing industry into one that is highly respected, thrives in creativity, and leaves a following of entrepreneurs and marketers who are proud and feel good about the work that they do."

Now You've Found It, Use It!

Once you've discovered your why, it's essential to integrate it into your daily entrepreneurial life:

  1. Create a Vision Statement: Develop a clear and concise vision statement that encapsulates your why. This statement can serve as a daily reminder of your purpose.

  2. Set Goals Aligned with Your Why: Ensure that your business goals are in harmony with your why. This alignment will make it easier to stay motivated when pursuing these objectives.

  3. Regularly Revisit Your Why: Dedicate time to reflect on your why regularly. It can be a monthly exercise or whenever you encounter a significant challenge. Reconnecting with your purpose revitalises your motivation.

  4. Share Your Why: Let your team, customers, and stakeholders know about your why. This transparency fosters a shared sense of purpose and strengthens motivation all around.

In the entrepreneurial journey, finding your why is akin to discovering your North Star. It guides you through the darkest nights and keeps you on course towards your goals. It's a source of unshakeable motivation and resilience that fuels your passion for business. So, take the time to explore your inner motivations, define your why, and let it be the driving force that propels you to success in your entrepreneurial endeavours. Remember, when you know your why, you can endure almost any how.

Useful resources:

  1. 'How Great Leaders Inspire Action' Ted Talk by Simon Sinek

  2. 'How to discover your "why" in difficult times' Ted Talk by Simon Sinek

  3. 'Find Your Why' article by Stephen Warley, Life Skills That Matter

  4. Free 'Finding Your Why' worksheet


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