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BITE Marketingdon’t just make people buy your product, we create emotional experiences to help customers feel your brand, creating long lasting loyalty.

We use our backgroud in Sociology and Psychology to really get inside the minds of your customers, think how they think, and speak to them in a way they relate to.

It's emotional marketing. We speak to the heart first, before we connect to the mind for the rational purchase decision.


"I created BITE Marketing in 2017, after 12 years working for some of the World's largest corporations, including Microsoft, Salesforce and Royal Mail. I loved my years working client-side there and am grateful for the huge learning opportunities I gained, not to mention all the incredibly smart people I had the opportunity to learn from. Running international marketing campaigns for companies like these is no mean feat, and success comes down to relationships and teamwork.

It was time for me to take advantage of the way work has moved on, and the incredible opportunity we have to be able to do great work, no matter where our desk is today. 

Marketing is a huge discipline and is always evolving. I wanted to align my skills with my passion to do something better for our world, and that's why we focus on conscious marketing. We are so lucky to work with brands who are trying to make a difference, and spread their message widely.

We utilize the huge network of freelancers working around the world. It has a huge advantage for us, as we are able to select team members specifically to meet the clients' project, and also gives us a wider view of the world. We have the pleasure of working with teams across boundaries, cultures, and who think with a different perspective.

It saddens me how often we meet new clients who have been "burnt" by marketing experiences. Companies whose experience has been working with someone who has used dishonest black marketing methods, which showed them what they thought were great numbers, but didn't bring any real business results. Making you look popular on social media by buying followers, is not real marketing.

It doesn't have to be that way.

I'm professionally educated in marketing, with a qualification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the United Kingdom (where I was later invited to sit on the board). I have many additional qualifications from Google and Facebook and am always learning . I also have a degree in Sociology and Psychology which I find invaluable for our approach in trying to understand consumer behaviour, and seeking out the emotional connection.

I am open, honest and personal. I enjoy nothing more than forming friendships with my clients. These days my desk is in Bali, Indonesia. I'm not sure where it will be tomorrow, and I don't think that matters. As long as I'm somewhere I can make it out in the water for 6am before the busy day ahead begins..."

Danielle Slater


+62 812 3673 5542

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