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F*ck Off, Cold Email

Fuck off cold emails

I have just received the 83rd cold email of the day. Sneaking its way in between promises to deliver me 10 new clients a month, this one wishes to sell me the alluring concept of cold email campaigns. (Side note- I would be highly ashamed of myself if, as a marketing agency owner, I hadn't actually been able to work out how to attract clients yet. Note the use of the word 'attract' here- we'll come back to it later.)

Now, where was I? That's right... a cold email, selling me cold emails.

It was the final straw and it's time to vent.

If you're time poor, here's the summary.

Cold emails are...

- Unethical and often illegal

- Lazy and unintelligent marketing

- Brand damaging

- Ineffective and irritating

- Basically just rude