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From Limiting Beliefs To Limitless

Updated: Nov 8

whenever they take root in my mind and pull me down.

I recently spent some time back in my hometown. The outcome? A resurgence of internal negative questioning about my lifestyle choices and the dreams I'm chasing.

I firmly believe that anyone can achieve anything they want to with their lives if they set their mind on it and remain determined. When it comes to me, I believe in myself. Kinda. Sometimes. I have full confidence I can achieve my goals. Except for any of the days I don't.

Why is this? Why do I somersault between shooting for the stars, and accepting a failure state?

Because of my "limiting beliefs". A concept I only heard about a few years ago. But now I understand what's going down in my crazy little head, I have ways of shushing them whenever they take root in my mind and prepare to take me down.

Hopefully this blog will help you overcome the mental barriers to your entrepren